YouTube Basics | Create YouTube videos like a pro! | Canon 70D (2020)

YouTube Basics | Create YouTube videos like a pro! | Canon 70D (2020)

How to make your YouTube videos look better with the Canon 70D and look like a professional YouTuber instantly! In this video you will learn some life changing functions when it comes to using your Canon 70D for making your videos look better!

Too many YouTubers today are using DSLR cameras such as the Canon 70D, but they’re not maximizing their potential. When shooting with a Canon, you need to make sure you pick a body that is affordable and works for you. The Canon 70D is my choice but Canon does make tons of other amazing products to choose from. It all comes down to preference and budget.

You next big choice will be the lens. For me, the Canon 50mm lens is the best one for a new person to buy for both photos and video. Your YouTUbe videos will drastically change and look so much better, instantly! The 50mm is by far my favorite lens. I never leave home without it.

Then comes the one tip that so many YouTubers make mistakes on and thats the autofocus feature. The Canon 70D has one critical feature that will change your videos forever. Be sure to check out the video for step 3.

Another crucial tip for making better YouTube videos with your Canon 70D, is purchasing a solid microphone. The built in mic on the Canon 70D isn’t the best so this will be something that should be near the top of your list when it comes to helping you make better quality YouTube videos.

Lastly, when it comes to making your Canon 70D the best camera for your YouTube channel, get your self a tripod. This is going to help you post up anywhere you want when it comes to creating your videos for YouTube.

Hopefully you enjoyed this video on utilizing the Canon 70D to your advantage. Leave me a comment and let me know what camera you use to shoot your videos. And feel free to subscribe if you want to support me and the channel!

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