Watch “Behind the Lens’: A Series about Bold California Filmmakers | KQED Arts

Watch “Behind the Lens’: A Series about Bold California Filmmakers | KQED Arts

Films are magic. Over two hours or even just three minutes, they have the ability to momentarily transport audiences into different worlds, different lives and different experiences. And it’s the filmmaker who guides viewers on that journey, making decisions behind the scenes based on their own experiences and dreams.

This fall, KQED Arts helps you dive deeper into the stories behind the stories with filmmakers Pamela Chavez; Chris Metzler, Quinn Costello and Jeff Springer; Nijla Mu’min; Pete Lee; Talibah Newman; and Eugene Kim.

Whether they’re making a film about a young black woman coming of age in a strict Muslim household (JINN,) about a middle-aged woman robbing banks on her lunch hour (DON’T BE A HERO,) or about nutria hunters in the Louisiana wetlands (RODENTS OF UNUSUAL SIZE,) each of the filmmakers in Behind the Lens is dedicated to doing it their own way: with energy, honesty and sincere curiosity about the world around them.

Behind the Lens is a digital video series about bold California indie filmmakers pushing the boundaries of their craft. Each episode focuses on a documentary, narrative or animated film director, capturing the personal experiences that inform their films, and the risks they take to bring stories to the screen. Step behind the lens and follow the journeys of a new generation of storytellers.

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