Umbrellas 101 – Photography & Video Tutorial

Umbrellas 101 – Photography & Video Tutorial

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From Jay P Morgan,

Today on the Slanted Lens we will discuss how to use umbrellas on set. Umbrellas are a great modifier and the one that most people start with. They’re inexpensive compared to soft boxes and octodomes making them very attractive. They collapse and fold away making them very simple to transport and carry with you. They are the first step in controlling light to achieve your photographic vision. We will discuss the materials the umbrellas are made of and how these materials affect the light. To test our umbrellas we will set up a target that will allow us to see how the light spreads. Then we will use the umbrellas to shape light on a person’s face.

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Products used in this video:
Photoflex White ADW 30″ Umbrella:
Photoflex Silver 30″ Umbrella:
Photoflex Silver ADH 45″ Umbrella:
Photoflex Silver 72″ Parabolic Umbrella:
Photoflex 72″ Shoot Through Umbrella:
Kessler Cineslider:
Vanguard Alta Pro Tripod:
Tabelz Laptop Platform: