Together We Can Change The World “Refugee Film School” Episode 5

Together We Can Change The World “Refugee Film School” Episode 5

TOGETHER WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD Refugee Film School, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia was a month-long pilot project. Jana Stanfield and Scott Friedman co-founded Together We Can Change the World to help underserved girls and women of Southeast Asia get job skills and education.

Refugee Film School was a project that was on Jana Stanfield’s bucket list for 10 years, just waiting for the right time to be born.

“In Africa with Frances and Cookie Bologna, and Robert Stack, I saw girls graduating from sewing schools and receiving what they spent 2 years of their lives earning by sewing uniforms: a small sewing table attached to an ancient, heavy, iron-based foot-feed sewing machine like my grandmother had before they invented electricity.”

Through Mark and Melanie Bayoud’s passion for helping the refugee families of Kuala Lumpur, the project became possible when Together We Can Change the World began partnering with Leaderonomics enabling us to increase the good we can do in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and Southeast Asia.

Together We Can Change the World funded the 10 refurbished (fake) Galaxy Samsung tablets for the pilot project. Melanie and Mark Bayoud hosted Jana for a month. Andrea Ann Fernandez and Alisa Khalid of MSRI, Malaysia Social Research Institute, made the space available.

MSRI is a Malaysian-registered non-profit dedicated to providing humanitarian assistance (education, healthcare and empowerment) for refugees in Malaysia with over 7,000 refugees under our care.

MSRI students came to Film School before and after school, in the dusty, cluttered, sacred, normally quiet upstairs museum/library. With a fundraiser that is helping Film School have faster computers, the students will be able to edit there, and will begin training younger students.

“The life you change may be your own” is Jana Stanfield’s motto for Travel With Jana Volun-Tours and the motto of Together We Can Change the World. We appreciate all life the changers who are donating and supporting refugees and other causes for good.

To donate to the cause of helping underserved teens learn video editing and other social media services, please donate to Jana’s Refugee Film School Fundraiser which goes through Together We Can Change the World, a U.S. Registered 501c3.

Your donations toward this project will also go to supporting MSRI’s ability to help refugee students and refugee teachers.

Together we can change the world for good! Thanks for all you do to help and if you’d like to support this work, too, please use this link:

Jana Stanfield is a world famous motivational humorist entertainer, a speaker at conferences for difference makers.


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