The Over The Shoulder Shot in Film (and How to Shoot a Dialogue Scene) #overtheshoulder

The Over The Shoulder Shot in Film (and How to Shoot a Dialogue Scene) #overtheshoulder

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In today’s video, we’re going to take a look one of the most commonly used shots in film and television: The over-the-shoulder shot.

The over-the-shoulder shot (OTS) seems simple enough, seeing as the definition is in the name, but it is often used without the proper cinematic motivation.

It is true that you gain a sense of orientation by having a character’s shoulder in the frame, but there is also a significant psychological effect, and therefore significant emotions generated when you use an over-the-shoulder shot in film or television.

It might seem a bit trivial, but all of these little decisions add up to an effective, or ineffective storytelling experience. Oh, and you don’t have to exclusively use over-the-shoulder shots for dialogue scenes either.

Our video shows you:

Examples of over-the-shoulder shots.

Why you use an OTS shot in your story.


How to go about surrounding your OTS shots.

When you finish this video, you will have a complete understanding of when, where, how, and why you use an OTS shot, and you’ll be able to use them to their maximum effect.

The end result: You will be able to signal to your viewer how they should feel about a relationship within your story.

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