Support Education?

Support Education?

Register today at For every registration, Cotton On Foundation will donate $1 to education in Southern Uganda.

By 2030, we can all live in a world without extreme poverty.

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For every sign up, $1* will be donated to give a quality education to the children of Manya, Uganda, thanks to the Cotton On Foundation.

Global Citizen is an educational and campaigning organisation that activates citizens to be a part of the global movement to end extreme poverty.
We know extreme poverty is a complex issue, and that it can’t be eradicated overnight, or by one person. That’s why we’re building a global movement for change: focused on making a difference now, and changing the systems and policies that keep people in poverty.

“Education Together”
Filmed in Mannya, Uganda
Executive Producer : Michael Trainer
Directed by : Andrew Ellis : Jonathan Olinger
Produced by : Jay Gunning : Trina Finn
Creative Direction : Michael Trainer
Cinematography by : Andrew Ellis
Assistant Camera Operator : Jay Gunning
Edited by : Joe Greco
Sound Mix by : Jon Seale
Young Girl : Rita
Elder : Max
Special Thanks to : Father Nestus : Cotton On Foundation