How to SHOOT a Fight Scene: MOVEMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY (taught by stuntmen

How to SHOOT a Fight Scene: MOVEMENT, CHOREOGRAPHY (taught by stuntmen

Hollywood stuntman shows how to shoot a fight scene, with movement tips for Actors / Directors. Fight choreography performance tips I use in fight scenes. WATCH PART 4:


In this action filmmaking tutorial series, Hollywood stuntmen Rustic Bodomov and Justin Gant break down how to shoot a fight scene in the safest, fastest, and best looking way.. as well as give more tips on how to do stunts safely.


The points covered in this Fight Scene Tutorial:
– Camera Awareness: Always use your peripheral vision to be aware of where the camera is, so you can make adjustments.
– Intensity & Control: Use your body language to sell speed and power, not actual speed and power
– Timing: Work out your tempo with your partner
– Distance: Always be aware, and adjust your distance to suit the choreography!
– Footwork: Learn some basic martial arts and Boxing stances!
– 45s: Angling your hips 45 degrees away from your opponent helps you control distance and stay mobile.
– Ghost Beats: Improvised movements help fill the awkward spaces in between fight choreography beats.
– Acting: Remember you’re in a fight scene! Act!
– Open to Camera: Make your stances open to camera so we can see the fight choreography!


In this Action Filmmaking series we will teach you how to film fights, how to choreograph a fight scene, how to be a stuntman, and give you tricks on cinematography as well as movement.

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I created this fight scene tutorial series to teach youtubers and indie filmmakers how to film a fight scene safely and effectively. I love fight choreography!

I want to teach you EVERYTHING I know, so I can help other youtubers and filmmakers like me when I was first starting out. People are going to do action scenes ANYWAYS, and I want to teach them how the pros do it safely and make it look good 🙂

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