Foggy Nature Photography | Beautiful Conditions for Macro Photography

Foggy Nature Photography | Beautiful Conditions for Macro Photography

This is my favorite kind of weather, I’ve been waiting all winter for a day like this. Photography is not always about *what* you are seeing but rather *how* you are seeing it and what your reason is for being where you are in a moment in time, so even when a photograph does not work out for you, you still carry the adventure with you. I left my macro lens for my DSLR in the car but took the 100-400mm lens and my phone macro lens with me, the best part of this morning however had nothing to do with photography, it was a brief moment when I observed a North American river-otter for the first time that made me the happiest. I could hardly believe it as I watched it come ashore and go behind a tree. It would have been great if I had photographed the otter, but I am just grateful to have finally made it back to the pond a year after my last visit.

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– Canon 5D Mark III |
– Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM |
– Canon G7X II (Used for video) |
– iPhone XS Max |
– Moment Macro Lens | [A separate case is necessary for the use of this lens, the case must match the model of your phone.]

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