Flipwreck, Short film Trailer.

Flipwreck, Short film Trailer.

Flipwreck, Trailer (2017). Digitally remastered version. See the whole film here. Adults Only!

Watch out as the man in this film spends too much time alone with his adult materials and ends up in a Flipwreck situation.
Mature Content! Funny short film about the side effects/perils/Myths of Fap/onanism/Masturbation.

Digitally Remastered in Standard Definition from old Analog 8mm tape, from 2001.
Our Second no budget short film at Pistachio Films, Written and Directed by Martainn Russell. And obviously it will not be coming to video cassette that’s another of our fun jokes, yeah says us!

This film was made PRE- HD and PRE Youtube! shot on Analog 8mm tape in 2001. Back then we captured the film in at half screen size, and MPEG 2 (compressed) format, to compensate for our editing computer having a 9gb hard drive! We Finally got around to re-editing the film after capture in full glory at 720 by 576 (PAL) resolution, in DV format,and outputting the same.

This is the second of our short films to go through this re-mastering process, we still have several to go. This was the first writing and directing film for Martainn Russell. Martainn has since passed away, and friend and colleague Giovanni Pistachio is slowly going through the re-mastering & re-editing of all the films.
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