Film Gear in Cinematography Today with Ernesto Lomeli – IFH 073

Film Gear in Cinematography Today with Ernesto Lomeli – IFH 073

Film Gear in Cinematography Today with Ernesto Lomeli

Oh, the dilemma! What film gear should I use for my film? Which camera will give me the look I want for my project? What gear can I afford? Well as I’ve said before:

“Film gear does not make a movie, the story does. No one ever won Sundance or an Oscar® because they used the latest and greatest film gear. They won because of, you guessed it, story.”

With that said choosing the right film gear for your project is important. You need to have the right paint brush and not necessarily the most expensive or newest paint brush to create your opus.

I thought it would be interesting to have cinematographer Ernesto Lomeli on the show. He’s one of the most technical film geeks I know. Ernesto shares a bunch of knowledge bombs with us in this interview and discusses what film gear to get and what you really need to make your project sing!

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