Drones For Beginners: DJI Spark?!

Drones For Beginners: DJI Spark?!

Do you really need a drone? The short answer is no, but damn, it can add perspective. In this one, we explore what you should get first, how to liftoff and common things people tend to forget when they first get their drone.

1:41 Today’s Family Day!
1:50 Finished the OneWheel Film
2:22 Drones only make up 5%
2:43 It’s boring watching drone footage with no context
2:59 Get a drone last
3:28 Every day doesn’t have to be epic
3:43 Step your podcast game up
4:35 Return bad purchase decisions quick
5:45 Your $2000 drone doesn’t like you
6:13 Fly Daily
6:19 Liftboard weight distribution
6:40 Drones can’t replace story
6:57 How to get your drone off the ground
8:05 Drones can add mood & atmosphere
8:45 How to edit your drone footage
9:06 I use FCPX
9:55 Don’t push when you feel like sh**
11:01 You have to know when to stop

Soundtracks in this film (epidemicsound.com)
0:00 Wraiths in the Circuitry – FormantX
1:28 It Will Be Fine in the End – Dayon
1:55 For The Record – HDBeenDope
3:48 Dizzying Highs – Tape Machines
4:51 Some Kind Of Magic 3 – Niclas Gustavsson
10:49 Slow Motion – Elliptik

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