Drone U: Advanced Videography & Subject Tracking Flight Class in Austin, Texas

Drone U: Advanced Videography & Subject Tracking Flight Class in Austin, Texas

Our most popular class is back:
March 6-8th, 2020 Austin, Texas
Advanced Videography and Subject Tracking with Drones!
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We asked ourselves, which in-person class proved to produce the most successful pilots Drone U has ever seen.
The answer was subject tracking. Multiple pilots have attended this class and easily succeeded in their personal and industrial businesses.
No matter the drone job, you have to fly well. The better you fly and can showcase that skill, the easier it is to maintain your business. Skills that easily pay the bills.

This is the top gun of drone pilots, are you ready to rise above the rest?
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That’s why Subject Tracking Class is back!
Which includes:
📝Advanced Videography: aerial movements and settings for smooth motio
📝 Flight Mastery: Setting the foundation of habits to build from to make complex flight easier.
📝Subject Tracking: 10 flight movements to rise above the rest, and flight settings over water.
📝Resources: Remember it all, use it in the Field. From drone settings, to workflow and videography. We don’t succeed unless you do.

Only 10 students will be permitted to join us on beautiful Lake Travis, in sunny Austin, Texas!

Pilots will start with our powerful flight mastery class to set the standards and expectations expected from our pilots. This way they’ll understand the basics of flight and master them before flying on the water.
Flight Mastery is our flagship class that has proven to set the foundation for every pilot.

Students will then enjoy 2 days of subject tracking boats over beautiful lake travis. This environment limits obstacles and allows students to focus on the task at hand, improving their flying ability. They’ll learn the special settings needed to fly over water.

Students will be given resources to help them:
1. Setup up their drone for faster, smoother flying
2. setup their gimbal tilt and other settings for cinematic flying
3. Understand workflow in the field and never skip a beat. This includes settings for video, gimbal and overall workflow.

What are you waiting for, are you ready to crush the competition? Rise above the rest with the skills to pay the bills!

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