Dji Mavic Pro Professional Polished Cinematic Footage Dlog Test. Before And After

Dji Mavic Pro Professional Polished Cinematic Footage Dlog Test. Before And After

Highly recommend you to get the Dji Mavic filmic grading LUTs I use at
TIPs: The SpectrumGrades Film Emulation LUTs are the most powerful set of tools designed for the Mavic 1 and 2 series. The looks, unlike most other LUTs, are sophisticated and stylish, which is a major factor for excellent grades. This is because they are designed by post-production and VFX experts.
All you do is apply the look you like and all the advanced grading is done for you with results that are truly excellent.
Just make sure you keep exposure balanced when filming. If you find you are over or underexposed, then just adjust your shot with exposure controls before the LUT is applied. If you like you can tweak the look to your specific liking.
It’s worth getting them as they do make an amazing improvement to your footage
I use them on all my videos and you can see the results that you can achieve…

A before and after test example of refined Dji Mavic Pro Professional Polished Cinematic D-Log Footage. D-log profile is the best profile to use for dynamic range purposes, This helps a lot when grading / color correcting, I then denoised, added motion blur, propeller lens shadow cleanup.

Mavic settings:
2.7K 25P
+1 Sharpness
-3 Contrast
-3 Saturation
Grading preset by SpectrumGrades

Watch an EPIC film with high quality professional production ready cinematography…

This video is non-commercial and is for entertainment and educational purposes.


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