Hello welcome people to a brand new episode of DESHI MOCKING. Today we are gonna talk about a Bangladeshi actor called Zayed Khan. He is a well known actor in Bangladeshi film industry. He acted as leading role in a few bangla movies. His appearance and styles are similar to the Indian famous actor SALMAN KHAN. In many movies, Zayed khan copied the looks and hairstyle of Salman khan. He also wears a bracelet which is similar to the bracelet of salman khan. Dabang movie is one of the most successful movies of Salman khan. Similarly Zayed khan played a leading role in a Bangla movie called Dabang which is one of the worst movies of bangladeshi film industry. In this video, we presented the similarities between Bangladeshi Salman Khan and Indian Salman Khan. We hope you all gonna enjoy the video. If you like the video then give a hit to the like button, share this video with your friends and give a click to the Subscribe button so that you can get the latest update of our channel. Stay with us.

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