3 Wide Shots That Every Filmmaker Needs to Know

3 Wide Shots That Every Filmmaker Needs to Know

The Best Wide Shot Examples 👉

In this video essay, we’ll break down the wide shot in film and highlight how it went from a stock Hollywood shot to something more nuanced, and then back to a regularly used angle.

We’ll also discover ways you can use it in your own work to really amp up the tension, humor, and subtext of your plot.

The wide shot is an expensive and laborious set-up, but this video will show you when and how to use one to make your story pop.
When you’re working on a film or television idea it’s important to keep the word “scope” in mind. We’re talking world scope. Not the kind of scope you can capture with a drone.

Today we’re going to go over the Wide Shot, or Long Shot, and show you how it contributes to the scope of your story and can make your project better.

There’s lots you can do on the page, but what about when it comes time to shoot?

We’ll delve into Establishing Shots, Extreme Wide Shots, and talk about how they can actually accentuate character and theme without being overbearing on the story.

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